Frequently Ask Questions

Does The Program Use Diet Drugs Or Supplements?

Never! The ENOVA Wellness Program is medically safe and never uses diet drugs or fad diet supplements. Our program is designed with a lifestyles and nutritional coaching approach in mind.

Is The Program Supervised By A Doctor?

We recommend getting approval from your primary care physician before starting our program. We do not take the role of your doctors. We can send your physician a letter detailing our programs approach and continue to send updates keeping them informed on your progress.

Must I Buy Pre-Packaged Foods For Meals?

No. With guidance from your nutritional coach you will eat real food from the grocery store or deli and real foods when eating out.

How Fast Will I See Results?

This differs for every client in the program and many factors contribute to each individuals progress while in the program. We will provide the education and training needed to make the program a success for you.

Will I Really Be Able To Reverse My Health Symptoms?

ENOVA Wellness Program will give you the unique advantage of understanding your situation and tailor the program to meet your goals. Additionally, we’ll be there every step of the way with professional support.

Do I Get Support?

Our coaches are highly trained and see many clients. We advise you to make your regularly scheduled follow up appointments. In addition to the in-person visits our mobile application is used to monitor your progress while in the program. Your interaction with the application provides valuable data on your daily nutrition and vitals.

Is This An Exercise Program?

Exercise is great! But not necessary in the ENOVA program. If you love exercise we do not discourage it at all. However, if it is not something you enjoy no problem.

What Happens When I Complete The Program?

In the ENOVA Wellness Program we empower you with the education and nutritional techniques taught to never be in the situation you once were. The program is structured to help you continue your successes for the rest of your life.

Is This Program Covered By Insurance?

Most wellness programs are not covered by health insurance. However, some HSA and FSA accounts can be used for nutritional coaching. You will have to check with your insurer to see if our program type is covered under your benefits package.

We do accept most major credit cards. Payment plans can be set upon request.

There are no guaranteed results while participating in the ENOVA Wellness Program. All bodies are different and there are numerous factors that affect progress, so results may vary for each individual. You should consult with a doctor before beginning any new wellness regimen.

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