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The difference is – I have successfully followed this program to reverse my own Type II diabetes, high-blood pressure, acid reflux and gout. In fact, I am no longer on any kind of medications and have dropped over 70 pounds. Had I have known about these strategies we teach in the ENOVA Wellness Program at a more youthful age I would not have been in the health situation I had found myself in.  

If you have read this far you too are looking for the answers.  Please continue reading the information here on this site and if you feel we can help you, (I know we can) apply to the program…we’re ready to help you get started!  APPLY HERE!

Unlike any other diet plan, I want you to take everything you know about dieting and exercise and toss it out the window, YES you read that correctly – toss it out the window! It is all misleading information and bad advice.

I started my journey in early 2015 trying figure out why I was overweight after trying every diet and exercise program over the years.  I was a 300 unit/day of insulin, Type 2 Diabetic for 19 years and the candidate for the metabolic syndrome poster child.   During this same period of time I had a close friend pass away right next me and two others with cancer diagnosis’. On my very next doctor’s visit my physician recommended that I begin using an insulin pump…WHAT!?!

That was it! I looked him the face and said, “*&%! That!”

I had noticed when I really regulated my daily insulin and sugar levels I would gain weight…. When I wasn’t so “perfect” I would lose weight. So, the digging and journey to find the answers began.  I started finding research on the subject of “hormones” control weight gain/loss, as well as how bad the processed food we eat today are tainted.  

Look, every diet will work for some period of time…the problem is sustainability.  Can I continue to eat ground turkey every day to maintain the weight loss? The answer is simply “No!”.   This is why you will never see a Biggest Loser reunion show.  The excess exercise regimen and low-fat meal plan just cannot be sustained. We have all tried it…

I am not even going to step into the diet shakes and supplement arena.  Everything you need to control your weight in this program can be found at your local grocery.  That’s right!

As mentioned earlier, “hormones” hold the key to weight loss… specifically “Insulin”.  Insulin is the hormone that controls the fat making (lipogenesis) and  energy conversion processes (lipolysis).  Once I learned how to control this hormone the pounds melted away.  Best of all I was eating 2,500+ calories a day of wholesome good foods.  

So enough about me! Let’s dive into the program…

Wholesome Foods

Getting you eating good wholesome foods.

None of this “low-fat” food that is full of sugars and chemicals.  I am talking about full-fat dairy products (from actual cows), meats, vegetables and nuts.  Actually, any ketogenic style diet plan will work.  In the first phase, we just want to get you eating good clean foods and off all the artificial or “fake” foods and begin waking up the fat burning mechanism in your body.

You will want to follow these macronutrient ratios for daily total meal composition: Fats 80%; Proteins 20%; Carbohydrates <5% (My typical meal composition is less than 25g of carbs per day.)

Sample program meal:

4 eggs cooked with qtr. stick of real butter or bacon grease (sometimes both)
4-5 pcs. of bacon
Large salad using full fat dressing
3-5oz. serving of meat
Cooked or raw veggies
Qtr. cup of fatty nuts
Coffee with heavy whipping cream
(stay away from whole or skim milk as it is loaded with sugars)

I know, I know you are thinking that is a lot of fat and fat is bad…  Did you know there is “zero” scientific data showing a connection between fat and cardiovascular disease?  In fact, atherosclerosis (inflammation in the arteries) is actually caused by highly-processed or refined foods.  Your body’s natural mechanism to protect itself is by adding fatty plaque to the interior artery walls to protect against these food particles flying through your bloodstream.   The popularization of high-refined foods full of carbohydrates is keeping our bodies in a constant state of inflammation.  Eliminate the highly refined foods, eliminates the inflammation.  You see, same for folks with big bellies, most likely cause is the body has coated the internal organs in fat to once again protect them.  Great news is this can all be reversed by cleaning up what foods you ingest on a daily basis and giving your body time to repair itself.

Once you have your nutrition intake cleaned up the next phase of the program is learning the secret weight loss technique. Actually, it’s not a secret at all…  

A little history lesson- Prior to the industrial revolution and the mechanized processing of foods this is how our ancestors ate.  We didn’t have refrigerators/freezers for food storage and literally food at our fingertips as we do today.  Are you aware, over 50% of the U.S. population is either Type 2 diabetics or prediabetic? Something that was nearly unheard of prior to mid-1970’s.  Today it is an epidemic in our country.

We simply eat too often…  


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In our program, we teach: WHAT. WHEN. HOW.  This technique will allow your body to burn fat as its primary source of fuel and regulate the insulin hormone.

Before we do this, you must have your “WHAT“ (food intake) corrected or you will be absolutely miserable and lead to you abandoning the program.  I have seen this over and over again with clients. I can almost guarantee your failure.

By following the recommended macronutrient ratios mentioned earlier you will be able to control your satiety hormones (Leptin and Ghrelin).  Leptin is your hormone that controls your satiety or the feeling of fullness.  In contrast, Ghrelin is the beast that says you’re “hungry”.  Fat satisfies Leptin and has no effect on insulin (the body fat maker). When Leptin is in a good spot Ghrelin has no reason to send the hunger impulse.  This explains why we are always hungry when following the usual low-fat dieting and exercise strategies.  There is simply not enough fat to give the “full” sensation.

The “WHEN” (Meal TIming) – Our lives consist of socialized eating times instead of eating when your body says too.  Eating all the time causes our bodies to spend most of its energy digesting food and not healing.  When we introduce periods of rest we are giving our bodies time to heal.

Most folks do not understand the importance of pairing foods together for better health results. Yes, our ancestors knew that eating higher carbohydrate foods paired with high fat or even vinegar would slow the absorption of those carbs during digestion – The “HOW”.

The heart of the program is getting you eating cleanly and giving your body the needed time to heal and repair itself.  Our bodies are truly amazing and powerful masses of tissue, but today’s eating habits and lifestyles are not conducive to how our bodies were engineered.   We simply eat fake food and too often.

This content is just touching the surface of what the program is and again, I encourage to do you research and determine if the ENOVA Wellness Program is right for you. If so, complete our online application and we will be in touch very soon.

Yours in health,

Jay Bowen
Founder/Certified Weight Management Specialist


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